Valer den Bit

Russian artist Valer den Bit curated this organic house set for us today. He released his productions on some labels such as Bar 25 Music, Connected Frontline, Radiant., Poesie Musik, Hoomidaas, Depth, the list is long.

Valer likes to play romantic and melodic DJ sets at sunset and dawn, with a real sense of soul. Played on the same stage with Nick Curly, Jody Wisternoff, Roy Rosenfeld, Guy Mantzur, Robert Babicz, Kasper Koman, Chicola, Rey & Kjavik, Cid inc, Izhevski, Volen Sentir, Smash TV, Sous Sol, Metodi Hristov, Simon Garcia etc. Valeriy dj sets are always filled with emotions, atmosphere, melodies and energy, in they sound many of their own tracks and remixes, making his DJ style recognizable literally from the very first minutes at the listen! Valer was released on labels Connected Frontline, Radiant, Poesie Musik, Hoomidaas, Depth, Inward Records, Timeless Moment etc. Tracks received support from many djs and radio stations from over the world. Music Valer den Bit received support from: Jamie Jones, Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Nick Warren, Sabb, Jonas Rathsman, Re You, Betoko, Los Suruba, Sifa, Black Cercle, Nils Hoffmann, Max Graham, Matt Darey etc. Also, his compositions can be periodically seen in Top 100 stores, as well as in various charts, podcasts and tracklists of world stars, whose attention and high mark influenced creative development.


Hosted ByValer Den Bit