About us

Originally planning intimate parties in Paris, Azürites’ purpose was to gather beautiful souls and music lovers around deep beats played by local and international artists such as Deer Jade, Aracil, Viton and more.

We pivoted our artistic aim since then by inviting artists to share their musical universe through a radio-show podcast and a small written interview. We collaborate with different underground radios in France and the U.K. which air the set before it becomes available on Soundcloud, using the following schedule :

• First Saturday of the month on Ola Radio at 6:00PM (CET)
• First and third Tuesday of the month on Radio Maxximum at 9:00PM (CET)
• Fourth Monday of the month on Bloop London Radio at 11:00PM (CET)

Our team

Pierre Aubert

  • Founder

Benoît Aubert

  • Manager
  • Radio Coordinator for Maxximum and Bloop London

Maxime Gorce

  • Radio Coordinator for Ola Radio

Guillaume Lochon

  • IT Administrator
  • Bloop London Promotion manager

Antoine Tanguy-Piquet

  • Visual content creator

Clément Pierre

  • Visual content creator