Guy Maayan

Today's show host is Guy Maayan, the Israelian producer and dj made us a podcast filled with tracks which perfectly represents his signature sound, we hope you like it !

Guy Maayan is an electronic music producer and DJ from Tel Aviv, who has been a part of the scene in Tel Aviv and abroad for a long time and he is creating a lot of interest overseas. After a long journey around the world, he brought with him an endless multicultural influences, which he puts into his sets and productions, combining tribal instruments with deep electronic beats. Afro house, indie and Mediterranean sounds, Guy's music is always full of groove to create a unique style of music that connects the past to the future. In the last years, he is playing in a wide range of colorful events in Israel. Fully respected overseas, with a long list of releases on the biggest labels from the world of Downtempo/Organic House, His music is played by the biggest artists all over the world and on the biggest stages where all of you already danced. His recent release on ‘Sol Selectas’ has brought excellent reviews, as part of their VA.


Hosted ByGuy Maayan