Avangart Tabldot

Psyched to welcome Ata, Semih and Aytek, also known as Avangart Tabldot for a new podcast oscillating between ominous melodies and cool beats. This guys released music on anticipated label Vinyl On Demand and are planing to release more in the coming months, stay tuned ...

Avangart Tabldot was conceptualised by like-minded childhood friends Ata, Semih and Aytek.
The main reason behind the idea of making music as a trio was to increase the quality with a fun battle between three individuals.
They’ve been throwing their own parties and their own festival -Island Groove- at Thassos, Greece.
Some of the names they have played sweet tunes alongside are.. Dixon, Gerd Janson, Damian Lazarus, &ME, Adam Port, Claptone, Marcus Worgull, Eagles & Butterflies, Francesca Lombardo, Stavroz, Nico Stojan, Be Svendsen, David Mayer, Whitesquare, Tunnelvisions and more.


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