Jennifer Touch blessed us with a new podcast which perfectly represent her musical universe : between Post Punk, New Wave, 80’s pop, Dark Romance, EBM, etc, including known and unknown tracks. Jen is as comfortable behind the decks as behind machines in the studio or when playing live, always surprising your ears with unique sonorities.If you wanna know more about Jen, we had the chance to have a little chat and ask a few questions on our Instagram.

Berlin and Brighton based musician, producer, DJ and artist, deeply involved in a Post-Wave-Cold-Pop-Acid-Romance.

Showcasing her unique sound in the saturated world of electronica, JTouch successfully draws from electropop and disco influences, combining 80’s vintage synths with industrial soundscapes, delivered with a visceral post-punk snarl. You’ll rarely find an artist today so devoted to sound or as deeply immersed in the affective reverberation of old synths. Creating a safe space for herself and for others to sink into is more a need than a simple desire, because to Touch music is like life – incalculable, rich in experience and emotion, and most of all unlimited.